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Tax Clerk

Payroll & Benefit Solutions is an established payroll processing company that has been in business for 12+ years.  We provide payroll/tax processing to clients in all 50 states. 


Tasks will include:

·         Tax Portfolio of current client base

·         Ensuring taxes are processed, filed & paid accurately & timely.  This will include reconciliation of tax coupons vs company liabilities.

·         Ensuring rates, customer logins & usernames are accurate & up to date

·         Following up with current clients & assisting current clients on a needed base when applying for tax id’s

·         Working closely with Tax manager to correct any tax errors within the payroll software

·         Transmittal of EFTPS Files

·         Working closely with Tax manager to prepare for month end, quarter end & year end taxes which will include

o   Preparing & emailing newsletters to current client base

o   Verifying any rate changes

o   Making corrections

o   Filing of W2C’s

o   Filing of any amended returns

o   Handling of all Tax Notices

Skills or Requirements:

·         FPC/CPP preferred but not required

·         2+ years experience in processing multi-client taxes

·         Working knowledge of tax best practices

·         Experience & Understanding of payroll & tax filing systems

·         Experience working with the IRS and state agencies on payroll tax filing

·         Strong PC skills working within Microsoft Office programs (Excel, Word, Outlook, etc) Excel is used often with formula functions.